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Lucia Dossin

Print Cake

Print Cake is an installation/performance where cupcakes are decorated with a snippet of William Morris' News from Nowhere printed on edible paper with edible ink and sold for customers/visitors.

There are two kinds of cupcakes: the standard and the customized. The former costs less than the latter. In the customized version, customers choose a color and a word, through a simple interface (a one-page website running on full screen browser without navigation bars). The word generates a snippet of text (taken from News from Nowhere). This text is placed onto a designed template and in combination with the chosen color is printed on edible paper and placed on top of the cupcake. In the standard version no choices are possible — they all have the same color and just a few variations on the text snippets.

Presented at V2_ as part of the exhibition Politics of Craft.


Sketch of the setting

Exhibition Opening

Photo by Michael Murtaugh
Photo by Michael Murtaugh
Photo by Mathijs van Oosterhoudt


The ornament used in the template was designed by Artyom Kocharyan for this exhibition
Photo by Michael Murtaugh


Welcome Screen
Screen 1/3
Screen 2/3
Screen 3/3 - Order confirmation